[Example Sentences]:
1. The phone should become available through Verizon on September 12.
2. Lenovo has also moved into smartphones, buying the Motorola phone business from Google in 2014.
3. Why would anyone need a pay phone in 2013?
4. The phone comes with packaged minutes and data, for just $98.
5. Under the deal, you can also get a refurbished version of the phone for $75.
6. The cost of the phone is $580.
7. Customers can compare or enroll over the phone by calling 888-383-2111.
8. The phone currently runs Android Jelly Bean version 4.2.
9. ZTE hoped to ship the phone in September 2017.
10. The Lumia 2520 looks like an enlarged version of its phone siblings and runs Windows RT 8.1.
11. It may also be the first phone you feel comfortable giving your child target ages 5 to 11.
12. My phone bill increased over $1,000.
13. The new phone replaces the iPhone 5s, which debuted in September 2013.
14. In terms of video shooting, the phone can record at a 1920 by 1080 pixel resolution at 60p. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home