[Definition]: of a person's private aspects

[Example Sentences]:
1. No company should list all of its business personal property at $1 or even $1,000.
2. For the 2013 tax year, the personal exemption is $3,900.
3. Covers for personal or fan pages are 851x315.
4. He was released on a personal recognizance bond of $100,000 and is to be sentenced on Aug 6.
5. It was a good time in their personal economy to make that decision.
6. The system is not a database and it does not store any personal information.
7. Here are some things you can do to better protect your personal information.
8. So what can you do to protect yourself and your personal information?
9. Such costs of making our personal data available are easy to ignore.
10. That personal information was lost in the hack is not in dispute.
11. I know many of you paid high personal prices for your efforts.
12. He said they had a personal falling out but did not elaborate.
13. I have had a lot of women tell me their personal stories.
14. At the end of the day, it will come down to your personal preference.
15. Microsoft is best known for making software for personal computers.

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