[Definition]: an individual, a human being

[Example Sentences]:
1. If the person watched that same ad with the sound off, it would score a 50.
2. Both of the cars appear to be tied to missing person cases that went cold in the 1970s.
3. Enter the name or email address of the person you want to block and click Block .3.
4. The oldest person to have one pointed at them was 85 and the oldest person actually fired on was 82.
5. The person can only use the app during the hours that you have ok'd.
6. I thought that he was going to be the first person they killed.
7. He also told people that he was the best person to bring development.
8. It was not clear Saturday whether a third person was on board.
9. I look up and I see that a person is lying on the pavement.
10. He was said to be the only person who had escaped from such a camp.
11. All I can do now is take the person I am now and move forward.
12. He also would not provide details on the person being questioned or any possible charges.
13. The same person will most likely be using different channels to buy the two products.
14. These features can also be used to locate a person if you know their password.
15. The person or people on the video get feedback from the people watching.

[Antonyms]guise, image

[Synonyms]individual, presence © 2020  Terms of Use | Home