[Definition]: the amount of a hundred, %

[Example Sentences]:
1. The percentage drop was the largest since June 2013.
2. They soon turned lower, however, as adjusted gross margin dropped 1.8 percentage points to 47.5%.
3. Another 2 percentage point bump is scheduled for October 2015.
4. That compares to 59.8 percent last year and a points earned percentage of 48.5 in 2011.
5. Overall, the number of people who quit smoking increased by 1.1 percentage points in 2015 from 2011.
6. In 2016, the percentage of Americans who work in retail slipped to 11% from 11.6% in 2000.
7. Flood losses as a percentage of US GDP have dropped by about 75 percent since 1940.
8. Stanford has raised its percentage of women receiving CS degrees from 16 percent in 2005.
9. I think if they could have something they would get more of a percentage back.
10. The percentage of people who believe the country is on the right track has risen sharply.
11. The company takes a percentage cut of the money players pay to enter each competition.
12. The percentage relationship has remained about what it was a few years ago.
13. Only a small percentage of Facebook members were using it, the company said.
14. The filing does not yet disclose what percentage voting power they will have after the offering. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home