[Definition]: person, human beings

[Example Sentences]:
1. Some place the number of people in the group as high as 550.
2. A lot of these people are longtime app developers who have stuck with Apple even since 1997.
3. In the federal court system, just four people have been executed since 1963.
4. A lot of people still use it, while others have only begun to convert to Windows 7.
5. He began giving talks to groups of people in 1994.
6. More than half the people here are younger than 29.
7. That change raises the number of people feared dead to 304.
8. Some people have faced even bigger problems after upgrading to Windows 10.
9. The twin blasts last April killed three people and wounded more than 260.
10. Mozilla may have trouble getting people to care about Firefox 57.
11. In all, seven people have been fatally shot and two others wounded in attacks that began March 17.
12. His idea spread and people held rallies in cities throughout the country on April 22,1970.
13. You can turn off read receipts for specific people in iOS 10.
14. Thousands of people have died in the insurgency since 2009.
15. Whatever feelings people have about the primary should be kept in 2016.

[Antonyms]imperceptible, indistinguishable, insensible

[Synonyms]nation, race, population © 2020  Terms of Use | Home