[Example Sentences]:
1. You can even raise the arms of the frame to get a better peek behind you ears.
2. The thought of a CIO turning to spying technology to peek inside a personal iPhone makes people furious.
3. Just be sure to use a filter again as soon as the sun begins to peek out.
4. Dropbox takes a peek at some kinds of uploaded files.
5. Yet, such closed systems frequently fail to detect the newest malware and rarely allow security researchers to peek at the results.
6. Customers wishing for an early peek at upcoming Windows Server releases can enroll in the Windows Insider program.
7. Movie fans will finally get a peek next week at one of the most anticipated superhero films in recent years.
8. As soon as the fences were opened up to let people get a peek at the old ship, big crowds showed up.
9. Just two months after giving us a peek at its new Google Maps Web interface, Google has opened up the service to all. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home