[Example Sentences]:
1. She had a son at the peak of her Alibaba career in 2011.
2. Authorities warned the cyclone could coincide with high tide, which is expected to peak at 3.2m.
3. Looking ahead, its immediate hurdle rests at the September peak of 117.80.
4. On an annual basis, the pace of growth is now just a fifth of its peak in March 2016.
5. Consider that its first notable support matches the November peak, technically 17,977.85.
6. In March, Spamhaus suffered a sustained DDoS attack that at peak reached a throughput of 300gpbs.
7. Dow support at the October peak of 15,721.
8. That configuration provides for a theoretical peak throughput of 5Gbps.
9. As illustrated, the S P has thus far maintained significant support at the October peak of 1,775.
10. Its new intraday peak today was $15.13.
11. In its case, first support rests at 295.75, and is followed by the September peak of 288.40.
12. Its next target matches the 2015 peak of 17.69.
13. On a breakout, its next test matches the June peak of 18,016.
14. On this wider view, the Nasdaq has reached an inflection point at the January peak of 4,246.
15. After trading at a peak of $107 a barrel in June, oil ended the year at $53.27.

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