[Definition]: money paid, to pay money

[Example Sentences]:
1. The value of fraudulent payment card transactions made in 2013.
2. The value of fraudulent payment card transactions made in 2014.
3. The new payment method will start on July 1.
4. Russia made an advance payment of about €840m.
5. The total payment for the killing and disposal of the body was to be $20,000.
6. Instead, the customer pays a higher monthly payment of $27.
7. Greece is due to make a payment to the IMF of about 1.5 billion euros on June 30.
8. The minimum payment is $140, and the highest payout so far was $12,040.
9. Several BTC payment processors were offering their services for 1%.
10. Verizon is offering the G5 for $26 a month for 24 months or for one payment of $624.
11. The phones are also available under monthly payment plans from both carriers.
12. Square has been building mobile payment products for the last five years.
13. This means you will have to pay whatever down payment is required for that specific device.
14. The track record for mobile payment services is not good.

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