[Example Sentences]:
1. Because it had to do with two patients, the total fine levied was $20,000.
2. The state saw a 250% increase in patients receiving treatment for heroin use since 2000.
3. The state said it did not know whether the other five patients had been immunized.
4. That would cut the bill in half for patients who have to pay full price.
5. This could in the long run certainly be one of the areas patients need help on.
6. We have patients who have been on the drug for nearly three years who are doing well.
7. It says all but seven of those patients have since been released.
8. That would allow patients to know what they are consuming.
9. Some hospitals have had to turn away patients due to hacks.
10. The number who are accepting new patients is even more elusive.
11. A lot of our interaction is that connection and making patients feel comfortable.
12. The goal was to make things easy for the patients, to make them feel more secure.
13. The investigation found that many patients did not know their data was being used as part of a test.
14. We hear from patients that health care is too hard to navigate.
15. The group was still trying to clarify how many patients were in the emergency room. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home