[Example Sentences]:
1. One allegation of sexual abuse of a patient in 1971.
2. At this stage we do not have any evidence that patient data has been accessed.
3. We were trying to be patient and work with them and give them the opportunity to comply.
4. The patient is going to play a more important role.
5. The hospital did not say who the patient was and did not know when that person would arrive.
6. A home run for me would be a positive patient experience.
7. They also are using technology more to help monitor and improve patient care.
8. New IT also means a doctor can meet with a patient from any place in the world.
9. That could raise questions about privacy or the security of patient data.
10. This screen swap allows a doctor to look at a patient instead of a monitor.
11. In a statement, May said that no patient data had been compromised.
12. She currently works in patient relations four days a week.
13. Authorities said one patient died as a result of the procedure.
14. The future of healthcare will be built around individual patient needs.
15. I think people should be patient and let the judicial process work, he said.

[Antonyms]doctor, impatient

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