[Example Sentences]:
1. The organization released a second patch on June 8.
2. An update has since extended that patch to Windows XP, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2003.
3. There is a patch available which may or may not work with the emulator.
4. The trial showed that people could use the patch without any help and liked it.
5. There were even reports of hacking after the patch was made available.
6. A second patch will be available next week that covers the rest of the affected products.
7. More interesting if not more important than the patch itself was the way Apple rolled it out.
8. It can be tough to tell which patch is important, until it is too late.
9. The good news is Seagate has already issued a patch for the problem.
10. In others, the device vendor may not necessarily have ever made a patch available.
11. That poses risks for people using apps whose developers are not quick to patch them.
12. Some IT managers worry that a patch may somehow break something in their IT environment.
13. It occasionally issues an emergency patch if a vulnerability is being widely used in attacks.
14. Only when these patches were completed were they added to the monthly patch release.
15. They were divided into groups and some got the patch and some got injected vaccines.

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