[Example Sentences]:
1. The partnership with SoftBank began in 2012.
2. We continue to have a great partnership with Microsoft in lots of different areas.
3. There is no question that this partnership has a lot of power to control the company.
4. It really is a true partnership of both public and private agencies.
5. It requires a certain level of partnership among the different network providers.
6. The companies say the partnership will lay the foundation for an entirely new business model.
7. This milestone is significant for both our partnership with China and our global expansion plan.
8. The partnership will also look at building enhanced data analytics tools, the state government said.
9. For Obama, a military partnership with Russia would mark a significant change.
10. The two companies have been moving toward a closer partnership for some time.
11. The reported partnership could be significant for both companies.
12. Cook said teams of employees from Apple and IBM have been working on the partnership for two years.
13. He was part of a partnership that donated the land where the library now sits.
14. Cook thinks the partnership with IBM will boost the iPad in the enterprise market.
15. Now, these two rivals are coming together in a partnership that promises to benefit both companies.

[Antonyms]independence, disconnection, disjunction

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