[Example Sentences]:
1. Still, consumers cannot just assume it always has the lowest prices, particularly on items over $10.
2. That last is particularly important because it plays into the other half of the game.
3. This is particularly important a world where cyberattacks are now the norm.
4. The company is particularly strong in the small and medium enterprise space.
5. It was not a particularly comfortable place where I felt like I could grow.
6. What is particularly concerning is how this information will be used by other agencies.
7. There was no evidence that any particularly sensitive or operational systems were breached.
8. None of this is particularly difficult, but it does take a little bit of time.
9. The country is particularly at risk because of its aging power grid.
10. That is particularly true when it comes to choosing an Internet provider.
11. The act of joining was not something many of us particularly liked.
12. Ukraine appears to have been particularly badly hit in the recent attacks.
13. A strong password is particularly important if you store sensitive information online.
14. The reason we are particularly concerned is that we went into last Thursday with not too much fire.
15. This is particularly an issue when creating new data combinations that include customer data.

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