[Example Sentences]:
1. The software changes came as part of iPhone OS 2.0.
2. We will announce any changes to our current program in the first part of calendar 2014.
3. That part of the program was well received, according to a report on the project from 2003.
4. The most recent part to fail is known as reaction wheel 4.
5. The most likely scenario for charging for Outlook RT could be as part of Office 365.
6. I learned it in part from some interactions I had with Steve Jobs in 2009.
7. Each employee who agreed to be part of it would be paid $1,500.
8. Alfred is a free app, but workflows is part of a suite of premium features that costs about $23.
9. We will deliver updates as part of the planned March Update Tuesday, March 14,2017.
10. This feature is implemented in an app called ownCloud Documents and will be part of ownCloud 6.
11. Pichai, a longtime Google executive, took over as CEO as part of a corporate restructuring in 2015.
12. It hopes ultimately to make the system part of the 5G specification expected around 2020.
13. The first part of the 250mph line to Birmingham is due to open in 2026.


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