[Example Sentences]:
1. The parliament voted to remove him from office and set a new presidential election for May 25.
2. In the vote, parliament also moved to have early elections on May 25.
3. Now we need a new parliament to make a European future.
4. Thursday was the last day of meetings before the parliament went on recess.
5. The parliament should show responsibility and be on the level of the case.
6. The judges have sent the law back to parliament to be rewritten.
7. The committee is due to report back in the final two weeks of parliament this month.
8. The new parliament then would have a week to set a date for new presidential elections.
9. The parliament has made one of the most important steps.
10. There will be a fight in parliament and in the streets.
11. It was agreed by parliament last week, after years of political wrangling.
12. He said the government was aware of plans to seize the parliament building.
13. Crimea is part of Ukraine and only the Ukrainian parliament has the right to call such a referendum.
14. A helicopter was flying over the area where the parliament is located and shots were being fired.
15. This is why our goal is to press for urgent parliament and presidential elections.


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