[Example Sentences]:
1. The park is scheduled to open sometime in 2019.
2. Many national park areas in the Northeast already were damaged by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.
3. All of the arrests last year were either in the park or just outside it.
4. Her child is not the only one at that park without a parent.
5. The park service said they would be able to confirm the exact cause on Wednesday morning.
6. We encouraged him to come to that park if he wanted to make any statements that he wanted.
7. The technology is already here for cars to park themselves and even navigate tracks.
8. He said the park service is fighting for the rights to the original names.
9. They leave little room for cargo, but are easy to park in cities.
10. She said she had slept in the park since Friday to score a view of the pope.
11. The park is also home to a widely diverse plant life.
12. She would park in front of my house for hours.
13. That way it can park the heads properly to prevent the ink from drying.
14. Parker used to hang out at the park and several people there knew him.
15. The park service estimates that will be next spring. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home