[Example Sentences]:
1. The other parent can see the bill and then pay it or dispute it.
2. I think the parent and the child need to be charged.
3. Nest has said such information will remain separate from its parent company.
4. Nest has said its information will remain separate from its parent company.
5. The four questions every new parent should ask while searching for the best video monitor.
6. He began telling me what happened with the words that any parent would want to hear.
7. Lenovo is our parent brand, and this is kind of the next step.
8. As a parent, I would do what these parents have done.
9. My mom did the best she could as a single parent, always working two or three jobs.
10. The average parent has different needs than the average college student.
11. It also makes it easy to split bills, so each parent pays their respective slice.
12. Being a parent is a challenge, and sometimes you might have to suspend those rules.
13. The parent becomes the computer, and kids boss the computer around by laying out code.
14. Everyone else was released to a parent or guardian.
15. As a parent you feel extremely worried and tense.

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