[Example Sentences]:
1. A lawyer for Mubarak said that he could leave prison as early as Thursday after paperwork is filed.
2. They reviewed the paperwork and found that it was a fake, then notified law enforcement.
3. One of the crew had brought a USB stick on board with some paperwork that needed to be printed.
4. There were also issues with his security clearance paperwork to serve in the Trump administration.
5. The rest includes administrative and paperwork errors and vendor fraud, among other things.
6. Some surplus item sales were banned altogether while others now require more paperwork to obtain.
7. Everyone else is stuck with filing dispute paperwork if their tax refund goes to someone else.
8. She added that employees rarely read their paperwork carefully.
9. His uncle always told him the paperwork got lost.
10. Court paperwork in Washington said he was wanted for obscene communication.
11. The trouble is, paperwork is easily lost, and sometimes the writing may be illegible.
12. Crews are also going to look at paperwork, interviews and emails, she said.
13. When paperwork on such hunts is lodged, the hunters simply claim the lion was shot in another area. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home