[Example Sentences]:
1. It also sports a very traditional control panel and a sale price just shy of $1,000.
2. That panel, which he also leads, meets on June 17.
3. The panel then took less than two hours to decide he should be put to death.
4. A panel to deal with that issue was not named until this month.
5. You can reach the management interface via the control panel or your browser.
6. The panel is expected to report its findings in the coming months.
7. The panel said it found no evidence of fighters or weapons on the vessel.
8. This panel also appears when you use the search box on the home screen or Google Now screen.
9. Some on the panel argued that the state should control both government and commercial use of drones.
10. The left side of the control panel is where you pick what cycle you want to run.
11. A panel of former officers and officials will conduct a separate review.
12. The court said the motion for stay should be heard by the panel as soon as possible.
13. The panel is expected to deliver its final report this summer.
14. That explanation left members of the House panel investigating the scheme incredulous.
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