[Example Sentences]:
1. Watch the video and see how Apple products can help with pain management and recovery.
2. It can already be a pain to keep computers and smartphones up to date.
3. I thought she felt a lot of pain going through all this process.
4. The other thing is they have a high pain tolerance.
5. The pain of getting it wrong in this environment would be very long-lasting.
6. They really deliver to the core of what our customers potentially see as pain points.
7. That means pain at the cash register as well as payments to the taxman.
8. I tried to clean it but he was in a lot of pain, she said.
9. Organization can get to be a pain in many iOS apps, though.
10. She is connecting her pain to the pain of millions of other women.
11. Not all the pain points that the new service is supposed to help eliminate have disappeared.
12. We stepped back and we looked at pain points we wanted to solve for people.
13. Only then will they learn whether the future holds pain or promise.
14. We can rise above this pain and focus on helping each other.
15. Anyone who has kids knows what a pain it is when they come down with an ear infection.

[Antonyms]ease, peace, rapture

[Synonyms]agony, ache, distress © 2020  Terms of Use | Home