[Example Sentences]:
1. On its pricing page, MacKeeper estimates the value of an AV scanner at $79.
2. An executive summary describing the changes runs from page 7 to page 18.
3. Member page views also grew 28%.
4. We started a Twitter account and Facebook page and started to do some marketing.
5. We found very quickly a Facebook page and a Twitter page.
6. I just had to turn the page over, and not look at it for two days.
7. This page does not let you search for friends by name.
8. At the top of the page is our new markets dashboard.
9. Up there at the top of your Facebook page is a little icon.
10. Users must go to a different page to dig into those details.
11. Please see the next page for four more companies that can easily increase their dividends.
12. In a bid to further help protect users, the two researchers are taking a page from network security.
13. You want to turn a page on an iPad?
14. IT should take a page from this to be more proactive with its least satisfied clients.
15. Have you ever visited a page with text that was too small? © 2020  Terms of Use | Home