[Definition]: a wrapped object, such as for shipping

[Example Sentences]:
1. The two are connected and placed in a package that can be extremely small 2mm.
2. His biggest pay package that can be gleaned from filings came in 2014.
3. The whole package is available for preorder now, at an asking price of $397.
4. The pricing was around $12.95 as compared to the standard package for $19.95.
5. The smallest package will include more than 60 channels, while the biggest will have more than 120.
6. This pushed his total pay package to £5.5m for 2014.
7. Clinton, for example, tried to cobble together a $150-million aid package in early 2011.
8. It will likely be cheaper if you buy a phone package at your destination.
9. We are working to release an alternative update package after the holidays.
10. That means the software can be updated all at once instead of package by package.
11. What would happen if these tech companies decide to package and sell all that data?
12. That came as it held costs for marketing and package delivery in check.
13. Now implementation of the whole package has become a much more important factor.
14. The user can then track the location of the package and share that location with the recipient.
15. The details of the incentive package would be announced in the coming days, he said. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home