[Example Sentences]:
1. Mr Musk did not provide other details about how solid oxygen affected the carbon fiber composites.
2. The oxygen could be used for breathing, to make fuel or for other purposes.
3. These help to carry as much oxygen as possible to the muscles during exercise.
4. She has to wear an oxygen mask almost all the time.
5. We gave them oxygen and some also needed medical treatment.
6. By this measure, the body used oxygen most effectively when people were running naturally.
7. The spokesman said the oxygen masks needed to be reset.
8. What is clear is that the oxygen masks descended and so did the plane in an emergency landing.
9. Their evidence lies in the oxygen isotopes of rocks on both Earth and the moon.
10. When the bacterial growth starts to slow down, the oxygen will start to be replenished.
11. Lighting it would consume precious oxygen and pose a threat to the crew.
12. It also had problems with its oxygen system that resulted in the 2010 crash and death of a pilot.
13. It causes pneumonia, in some cases, and some of these dogs have to be on oxygen and on ventilation.
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