[Example Sentences]:
1. He also owns some Tesla stock, but is not about to buy more.
2. Kim owns her own company, so she has the flexibility to set her own hours.
3. Who actually owns this data, and for what purposes may it be used?
4. However, the patent his company owns is not for one of his inventions.
5. King owns a company in which he offers firearm training and personal safety coaching.
6. Amazon owns and controls the prices of its groceries.
7. Just who owns these bonds and at what price they were originally bought for is impossible to say.
8. She owns an entertainment publicity business in Philadelphia and sometimes works with churches.
9. Now, it also owns the hardware scanners and other equipment that use the software.
10. Microsoft owns their own cloud that I subscribe to.
11. Icahn also said he would not be using any of the Apple shares he owns in the tender offer.
12. No one exploring or producing in national reserves ever really owns the oil, he said.
13. They can include WhatsApp because Facebook owns it.
14. It also owns NBC Universal, a movie studio and a number of cable channels.
15. Anyone who owns bitcoin will also own the same number of Bitcoin Cash units.
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