[Example Sentences]:
1. The biggest thing preventing people from owning a computer and getting online is cost.
2. One of the biggest costs of owning a supercomputer is the energy required to keep it cool.
3. Facebook began owning up to its diversity problem last year.
4. They like the status or perceived status that comes with owning their name.
5. Earlier this year, Holmes was banned from owning or operating a laboratory for two years.
6. There are many advantages to owning an automatic cooking robot.
7. Now Michael Dell owns about three quarters of Dell, with Silver Lake owning the rest.
8. Even without owning a mobile company, Dish could effectively be a tower company, he said.
9. By owning the web address, he could also access analytical data.
10. Also, signs in January that the dollar was strengthening diminished the appeal of owning gold.
11. Once the deal is final, they will end up owning about 23 percent of the combined company.
12. However, leasing means homeowners miss out on tax credits and other benefits of owning solar panels.
13. Turns out owning your customer experience pays off.
14. Of course, this requires owning two computers.
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