[Example Sentences]:
1. I would tell them that I had an ownership stake in the company.
2. He has not addressed whether he will maintain ownership of his real estate and development holdings.
3. People just need to be more accountable to users and take ownership of their users and protect them.
4. All those factors contribute to the total cost of ownership over the course of two years.
5. We view ourselves as being an alternative to car ownership, not an alternative to taxis.
6. The ownership of Crimea has always historically been a difficult question.
7. However, one never got the sense that Samsung took ownership of the concept.
8. Last year the operating company transferred ownership of two Las Vegas properties.
9. It purported to be from a criminal group claiming ownership of the drug market in a local prison.
10. Hopefully, this decision will be the first of many to restore the idea of ownership to consumers.
11. This trend away from the Constitution has infected ownership in the technological world, he thinks.
12. SoftBank said it would retain full ownership of both companies.
13. When a customer loses a home to a bank, the ownership of the solar panels can become unclear.
14. Still, with risk ownership comes the possibility of success and the rewards it brings.
15. One is that vehicle operation and ownership is changing.

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