[Example Sentences]:
1. Google had owned the struggling handset maker since May 2012.
2. Samsung owned 20.7 percent of the smartphone market in the fourth quarter of 2015.
3. Seat, which is owned by Volkswagen, saw sales jump by 35%.
4. She has owned her own business for more than a decade.
5. The company is currently owned by its management and two private equity firms.
6. There is the Lee family that has owned Samsung for generations.
7. We had no idea who owned it, what they were up to.
8. The call is for a process led and owned by the affected countries.
9. It was not immediately known who owned the camp that was hit.
10. They noted WhatsApp which is owned by Facebook already had the requirement.
11. This is a great way to save a lot of money by buying previously owned equipment.
12. Another user said the issue had occurred every night for the three days he had owned the device.
13. The property is reportedly now owned by a private real estate developer.
14. The company appears to have employed around nine staff and is owned by a private equity firm.
15. The publication said the car was owned by its editor-in-chief.
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