[Example Sentences]:
1. It was the biggest overhaul of the mobile operating system since it had launched in 2007.
2. The last major overhaul we had was 29 years ago, in 1986.
3. Burger King attempted a potentially sweeping automation overhaul in the 1980s.
4. Mozilla has released Firefox 29, the most significant overhaul of its Web browser since 2011.
5. Glass which may get an overhaul soon made headlines when it was released.
6. He has been trying to overhaul the company to adapt to rapid changes in the tech industry.
7. The mobile operating system had a controversial overhaul last year.
8. We also must overhaul our immigration system for national security reasons.
9. This is a major overhaul of an established operating system, and it happened in seven months.
10. Officials said the president will propose an overhaul of capital gains and dividends taxes.
11. Before the overhaul, information security functions were split among a variety of executives.
12. Mt Gox is in the midst of a major technical overhaul of its exchange.
13. Obama has insisted that any immigration overhaul must include a pathway to citizenship.
14. The autofocus system received an overhaul thanks to the new hardware.
15. Microsoft is planning to overhaul its Xbox Live reputation system.

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