[Example Sentences]:
1. The best way to overcome the challenges is to talk to one another.
2. I had to overcome a lot of failure and challenges.
3. They were confident they would overcome this last small obstacle.
4. What is important now is to overcome this gradualism.
5. There is a lot to overcome with the myths about who they are and who we are.
6. The threat from terrorism is real, but we will overcome it.
7. We need to overcome this inability to talk to each other, now probably more than ever.
8. We just wanted to overcome all that uncertainty.
9. Because getting people to overcome personal habits and established workflows is a huge challenge.
10. That includes helping overcome privacy fears and making the product more socially acceptable.
11. We need to overcome this inability to talk to each other.
12. Another adult and four Scouts in the group were also overcome by the heat and had to be rescued.
13. That person said the two sides could not overcome disagreements about valuations at the time.
14. We are trying to overcome these difficulties.

[Antonyms]lose, forfeit, surrender

[Synonyms]vanquish, conquer, surmount
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