[Example Sentences]:
1. You can even turn the oven off from your smartphone.
2. The one thing this oven did well was roasting.
3. If the oven is on, you could turn it off with a flick of your finger.
4. You could receive a notification from your oven, letting you know your cookies are done.
5. The details differ from oven to oven, but the process is usually the same.
6. The oven features handles on either side that allow you to both pick it up and slide out the tray.
7. An alternative to the oven is a heating pad, which can be purchased at a local drug store.
8. Is it just to put the cake in the oven for however long?
9. Like most of its similarly priced competitors, this oven does not offer convection.
10. As for the toaster oven, you can cook just about everything you make in a real oven.
11. If you re cooking in a particularly quirky oven, try not to worry too much about accuracy.
12. Common sense and practice, then, are key to using your oven to its best effect.
13. For heating up food, I recommend a toaster oven instead of a microwave.
14. Just in time for Thanksgiving, a new wall oven lets home chefs bake three separate items at once.
15. Between the two oven dials is a sleek digital display.
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