[Example Sentences]:
1. Her arrest last month sparked outrage in India after revelations that she was strip-searched.
2. The incident caused outrage in India and led to street protests in many cities across the country.
3. On the streets of Pyongyang on Sunday, some residents expressed outrage over the incident.
4. It is easy to predict that China will react with statements of outrage and denial, he said.
5. The reports sparked outrage and anger in the city.
6. The murders were met with national outrage and prompted a large FBI investigation.
7. However, this latest outrage also enjoys the backing of new data from various research firms.
8. The deliberately provocative contest had been expected to draw outrage from the Muslim community.
9. The report stirred popular outrage and forced the factory to halt production.
10. After the bloodshed Saturday, a nationwide outrage has been stirred.
11. Israeli outrage, official and public, prompted Orange to back away from the original comments.
12. The incident has ignited outrage in the community.


[Synonyms]outbreak, offense, violence
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