[Example Sentences]:
1. Italy and the Netherlands both saw output drop by 0.2%.
2. It was the biggest overall drop in output since September 2012.
3. Greece has endured five years of recession, and total output GDP has shrunk by 25%.
4. We need to do more to improve the output side of our innovation activities.
5. You get similar light output for a lot less money.
6. Any feel for if or how power consumption and output is handled without a device connected.
7. This gives you the ability to point the output from your backup to cloud instead of tape.
8. The TV is secure and has no output to it.
9. A measure of new orders showed that factory output will likely continue to grow in coming months.
10. This could threaten the prospects for a deal this month to limit output and raise prices.
11. Because greater output per worker is the key to a rising standard of living.
12. That being said, there are existing output deals that tie up some of the content for years.
13. They are part of efforts to respond to weak output, according to the people.
14. They really need their output for something important.
15. Wearable devices are the primary user devices where most input and output occurs.
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