[Example Sentences]:
1. The group has not formally outlined a plan for new leadership.
2. The Russian space agency has not yet outlined the cause of death.
3. The governor and I had sat down and outlined what we were going to do, he said.
4. It has outlined particular demands on the cost and timing of the debt payments.
5. Obama outlined his Islamic State strategy Tuesday in a meeting with congressional leaders.
6. The bank specifically outlined an interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning.
7. We will accomplish all of the steps outlined above.
8. The steps it plans to take were outlined in an editorial published in the Financial Times newspaper.
9. This month, President Barack Obama outlined a plan to bolster gun regulation.
10. You have outlined your policy, and Labor has outlined theirs.
11. In February, the FCC outlined how its plan would work.
12. The IRS agreed to work toward implementing dozens of outlined recommendations.
13. In an interview on Friday, he outlined his thinking.
14. Mr Zuma should face the charges as outlined in the indictment, the judge said.
15. Morrison outlined four growth platforms, which are likely to take a long time to play out.
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