[Example Sentences]:
1. They will also outline cooperation in new areas such as space and cyberspace.
2. There was an outline of a small baby in her belly.
3. BlackBerry said it will outline pricing at the end of the month.
4. A term sheet is an outline of an agreement that could later become a detailed legal document.
5. After months of negotiations, the basic outline of an agreement is well known.
6. Using a smartphone app, pilots can outline an area they want the drone to stay within during flight.
7. The FCC filing did not outline the financials of the project.
8. The outline is a strong, sound outline.
9. You can also filter your outline according to tags, keywords, or due dates.
10. Trump would outline a tax plan midweek.

[Antonyms]form, substance, bulk

[Synonyms]contour, sketch, delineation
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