[Example Sentences]:
1. The next question is as a media outlet how many people does this reach?
2. Many more brands did not respond to inquiries about their outlet business.
3. The Wall Street Journal said that the FTC requested the documents back, but the news outlet refused.
4. He said the sport gave him an outlet and taught him discipline and commitment.
5. Every outlet has its own circuit and power metering.
6. Give me an electric car and a long cable to my dryer outlet any day.
7. At least one partisan news outlet is planning a cautious approach.
8. Like the outlet in the studio, the outlet in the hall closet tested fine.
9. Even though the outlet tester told me the circuit was good, neither UPS worked.
10. The Taiwanese outlet, which has a fairly good track record, has said Apple cancelled the project.
11. The risky theft tactic was first seen in Germany in 2008, the outlet said.

[Antonyms]entrance, ingress

[Synonyms]egress, exit, vent
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