[Example Sentences]:
1. The outcry from industries that depend on online user data was also swift.
2. There has also been an outcry about the removal of the Start menu and button.
3. The domestic and international outcry was so intense that those powers were quickly reinstated.
4. Democrats and advocates of the rules called for a massive public outcry to preserve them.
5. After the public outcry, Facebook said Friday it would restore the image.
6. The company began to change its tune after public outcry grew.
7. The trial has caused an international outcry amid claims it was politicised.
8. It caused an international outcry in April when it abducted the girls.
9. Others believe the intense public outcry when the tracking was revealed led to the shift.
10. The execution sparked a wave of protests and widespread outcry across the region.
11. We need to raise a massive outcry now, the group said.
12. After an outcry from customers, Microsoft is changing its tactics.
13. After a massive public outcry, he was charged, and is currently on trial.
14. The move provoked an outcry from gay rights supporters.
15. The changes in OneDrive build 9879 are sweeping and likely to inspire some outcry from testers.

[Antonyms]quiet, silence, acclamation

[Synonyms]clamor, tumult, vociferation
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