[Example Sentences]:
1. The outage at NASDAQ is perhaps the largest halt in trading at the exchange since 2001.
2. The details about the outage are a window into how Microsoft is building cloud services.
3. An outage that takes down a service across the world is considered serious.
4. IBM also promises that the data transfer will continue even during an outage or connectivity loss.
5. The outage came at a time when traders had plenty of other things to worry about.
6. The reaction to the outage inside Syria is likely one of further heightened anxiety.
7. We conducted a full review into the outage and have applied the lessons learned.
8. For Facebook to suffer such a widespread and lengthy outage was unusual.
9. The government laid blame for the November outage at the hands of terrorists.
10. The airport experienced a power outage due to the weather.
11. A two day outage, for any reason, is a very big deal to enterprise cloud customers.
12. Problems discovered by users as a result of change can often lead to a service outage, he said.
13. The power outage comes as much of California baked in heat that broke records.
14. Every time their customers experienced an outage, Northern was penalized.
15. Often this has to do with a temporary iCloud outage, which is required for Messages to work.
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