[Example Sentences]:
1. We see ourselves as a data company in every home and in every office.
2. We want to come back here and give ourselves a chance.
3. What we can control is how we conduct ourselves on each and every flight.
4. We have to ask ourselves what kind of community do we want to be?
5. We like to think of ourselves as part of the third wave of video technology companies.
6. We need to do that to ourselves before it happens to us.
7. It has really helped us push ourselves and get this thing off the ground.
8. Now we find ourselves in the middle of a new battle over nomenclature.
9. If we have jobs we can look after ourselves, that is all we want.
10. We remain prepared to defend ourselves and our allies from any attack or provocation.
11. I just think the more valuable we are, the more we have to protect ourselves and our assets.
12. We have to work on treating ourselves like we would treat our friends.
13. The questions we ask ourselves are what do people really need.
14. So we tell ourselves that using a phone while driving requires the same sort of skill.
15. We got ourselves and our kids out of the house straight away.
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