[Example Sentences]:
1. When it comes to money for services, companies ought to play fair.
2. So there are things we can do, and we ought to do it in a bipartisan way.
3. It seeks comment from the public on whether the agency ought instead to ban all such fast lanes.
4. Price said nobody ought to be priced out of the market for having a bad diagnosis.
5. The parties ought to extend the agreement in hopes of congressional action next year.
6. Is the network far slower than it ought to be?
7. There ought to be a lot of self interest there.
8. Your IT department ought to be agile enough to adapt and support emerging technologies.
9. The rep is so committed that you think he ought to be committed.
10. I think we need to take this very seriously, and I think the Congress ought to be looking at it.
11. I believe people ought to have a choice.
12. Every American ought to be very afraid of big government.
13. Brands ought to find new ways of showing their products in action.
14. For the love of Palmer, the Europeans ought to hold on to that thought.
15. The database world ought not be partisan, nor should it be monolithic.
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