[Example Sentences]:
1. Most often this means they are lying about their country of origin and identity.
2. That would mean the origin of life must be pretty easy throughout the galaxy and beyond.
3. The work could also provide clues to the origin of Greek language.
4. That meant there was no consistent pattern behind the origin stories of what she chose when.
5. The Trump administration has not addressed the American role in the origin of the malware.
6. The origin of the Roman military camp remains unclear, the researchers said.
7. Scientists believe they have discovered the origin of copulation.
8. Both bills passed their house of origin unanimously and go to the governor.
9. Those adversaries can be external or internal in origin, or even a combination of both.
10. Shamoon is believed to be of Iranian origin, and first appeared in 2012.
11. Beyond politics, concerns also surround the origin of the money supporting Chinese bids.
12. So instead, many geologists said a hotspot could explain the origin of the volcanoes.
13. They either have to repeal country of origin labeling or modify and amend it.

[Antonyms]termination, extinction

[Synonyms]source, rise, spring
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