[Example Sentences]:
1. They can share a project on social media or organize an event.
2. You can also organize books to keep them available but out of the way.
3. We want it to be something they come up with, something they organize and something they lead.
4. It turns out that the best way to organize a city is with computers and incentives.
5. The idea of a group gathering to organize for a more civil society?
6. It took him six months to obtain a permit and another four months to organize the search.
7. Maybe all you really need is an app to help you organize your cleaning routine.
8. It is in how to organize the management of people to have a flow from one area to another.
9. CIOs should organize teams to play with this ready technology as fast as it can be explored.
10. Users can also organize their results based on locations, people and organizations.
11. They can also organize Facebook Groups within the company or between firms they do business with.
12. This can help organize and later find related files.
13. Where this app really shines is in its ability to organize the information you store into it.
14. On the Mac, I organize documents by folder to keep them straight.
15. Sometimes, these phones can be used to organize deadly violence from inside.

[Antonyms]disorganize, dismember, disband

[Synonyms]arrange, constitute, shape © 2020  Terms of Use | Home