[Example Sentences]:
1. Online food ordering service GrubHub also went public on April 4,2014 with shares starting at $40.
2. The city also announced that it would develop an app of its own for ordering taxis.
3. First I had to sign in to the app on the phone and do the ordering there.
4. Users will now be able to view all of the ordering history in one place, he added.
5. After ordering him to the ground and searching him they also found an air soft pistol.
6. The captain defended his decision to wait before ordering an evacuation.
7. These could include cutting gas and power supplies if needed and ordering mandatory evacuations.
8. North Korea has a long history of ordering killings of people it views as threats to its regime.
9. Some are being kept in detention despite a judge ordering their release.
10. He says they are ordering only a third of the normal workforce to unload ships.
11. Buyers ordering now are being told to expect delivery late next year.
12. Clearly, the market is in need of some sort of universal mobile ordering app for pickups.
13. President Obama signed an emergency declaration ordering federal aid to the area.
14. Moments later, police began ordering people back behind the barricades.
15. The scientifically proven reason not to feel guilty about ordering takeout.
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