[Example Sentences]:
1. The boy was ordered held until a preliminary hearing scheduled for August 13.
2. The agency ordered the mill to correct the problem by April 2011.
3. He married, had a child and maintained a steady job before he was ordered back to jail in 2014.
4. American and Delta have also ordered 787s.
5. For this, the company was ordered to pay $616,165.
6. Microsoft also reportedly ordered an additional 30,000 units for the first quarter of 2017.
7. With additional interest, Uber was ordered to pay $4,152.
8. I was ordered to go to the right and I never saw her again.
9. As a result the court ordered Google to remove the video from our services.
10. He has been ordered to leave Russia but it is not clear whether he has already done so.
11. It could be just what the doctor ordered for many a company facing this task.
12. The first thing that changed was the way in which you purchased and ordered private clouds.
13. He sat there for two more years until a federal appeals court ordered a new trial.
14. The city found violations at two sites and ordered a halt to the work.
15. So I ordered it on the spot and had it shipped for free to that very store.
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