[Example Sentences]:
1. It is expected to be available for order June 15.
2. A hearing on whether the District Court order should continue is set for March 19.
3. Yahoo fought that court order before Mayer became CEO in 2012.
4. The evacuation order was lifted July 8.
5. I then placed an order for the lowest level Dell Chromebook 13, for a total of less than $400.
6. In order to date a woman in New York City, you have to spend $200 or $300.
7. The Federal Reserve recently placed its largest order for $1 bills since 2010.
8. The court order, which must be renewed every 90 days, expires on September 12.
9. Both the Apollo 6000 and 8000 systems will be available for order starting June 10.
10. Average order value was $133.07, flat with 2013.
11. You can only order tattoos in sets of 12, and each set costs $14.99 about £9.99, AU$19.
12. The order instructs him to submit a preliminary review within 45 days and a final one within 120.
13. It was the making of a new order by means of a powerful technology.
14. A million things have to go right in order to have a successful launch.
15. The most important thing right now is to keep peace and order in the country.

[Antonyms]chaos, mess

[Synonyms]arrangement, system, procedure
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