[Example Sentences]:
1. The test flight is set to spend three weeks in space, with several days orbiting the moon.
2. It was the first time a space crew has taken such a direct route to the orbiting lab.
3. In all, the scientists found three planets orbiting three different stars in the cluster.
4. Two other planets were also found orbiting stars in the cluster.
5. Three astronauts an American, Italian and Russian currently are aboard the orbiting outpost.
6. Scientists have even discovered a planet orbiting the closest star to Earth, aside from the sun.
7. This was the fourth flight by Orbital Sciences to the orbiting lab.
8. On spacewalks, astronauts must repair and maintain the outside of the orbiting lab.
9. Magellan launched on May 4,1989 and began orbiting Venus on August 10, 1990.
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