[Example Sentences]:
1. North Korea successfully put a satellite into orbit in its last launch, in December 2012.
2. The last research craft to carry animals into space spent 12 days in orbit in 2007.
3. In September 2012 it left orbit to go to Ceres, where it arrived in March 2015.
4. Cassini launched to space in 1997, arriving in orbit around Saturn in July 2004.
5. That makes it easy to see everything in her orbit as part of a game of a chess.
6. Several other people in her orbit have been arrested in the investigation.
7. They have been placed on a lower orbit than expected.
8. The spacecraft are able to stay in orbit for months by using a solar array to generate power.
9. This portion of ARM will place the recovered asteroid sample in stable orbit around the moon.
10. Its delivery to orbit and its appearance in outer space will become a new page in space chronicles.
11. It was programmed to raise the orbit instead of landing, she said.
12. So its orbit is a pristine orbit from the formation of the original solar system.
13. Getting a spaceship successfully into orbit around Mars is no easy task.
14. This marks the longest confirmed period it takes for a confirmed exoplanet to orbit its suns.
15. We are currently measuring and calculating its orbit after the operation, it added.

[Antonyms]deviation, eccentricity, perturbation

[Synonyms]revolution, path, circuit
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