[Definition]: a selection, something chosen

[Example Sentences]:
1. Amazon also has rolled out a monthly option for full Prime membership for $10.99.
2. Quite a bargain considering the gold option on Apple Watch costs an extra $9,000.
3. The most expensive option is the iPad Air 2, which starts at $499.
4. Backers had the option of putting down a $499 deposit or paying the full price of $1,499.
5. The 7-inch model starts at just $229, while the 8.9-inch option will set customers back only $379.
6. Facebook said it will make the option available outside the test group later this summer.
7. The other option is to set up a Facebook group for each organization.
8. A great option if you think you might not see your drive again any time soon.
9. The new feature also came with the option to turn it off.
10. With Facebook you have the option to not open an account.
11. This is also where you will find the option to delete.
12. They want the flexibility and the control that comes with having the option of either.
13. Facebook will then give the user the option to reach out to the legacy contact.
14. It will give users the option of installing the apps right from the search results.
15. You can also try the run as administrator option from the same tab.

[Antonyms]compulsion, necessity, obligation

[Synonyms]choice, preference, selection
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