[Definition]: act against, hositility

[Example Sentences]:
1. The opposition has been demanding resignation from Day 1.
2. The deal is likely to face opposition from both right and left.
3. I think our government will speak with the opposition and come to a decision.
4. At least three people were killed in clashes between police and opposition supporters this week.
5. The policy changes were greeted with opposition from another quarter as well.
6. At least one opposition leader said his group would not observe the truce.
7. Police and the opposition blamed each other for the fire.
8. The White House said it planned to use them to demonstrate broad opposition against the militants.
9. The capture is a rare victory for the government in an area considered an opposition stronghold.
10. Other opposition politicians say they believe that the prime minister is running out of time.
11. The case is the latest instance in which Turkish authorities have targeted the opposition media.
12. The new government in Kiev was formed this week by opposition parties and street activists.
13. It has no political opposition, no free press and no freedom of movement.
14. The opposition demands his removal from office as a condition for peace.
15. She said the developments in Germany showed the difference that opposition parties could make.

[Antonyms]sympathy, harmony, concord

[Synonyms]restraint, defeat, resistance
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