[Example Sentences]:
1. If we were to receive one, we would oppose it in court.
2. The sophisticated groups do, and they made a decision to oppose it.
3. He has warned all groups not to oppose the military.
4. We must oppose it with all of our might.
5. He also said his group would oppose any legislation to bar carrying firearms at demonstrations.
6. Its filing means that it could formally oppose the trademark at a later date.
7. Death penalty critics have cited the case as a reason to oppose capital punishment.
8. They oppose the polls because Yingluck is seen as sure to win them.
9. In fact, the government filed a motion to oppose the dismissal and just this month prevailed.
10. The deal draws a contrast between Ryan and potential rivals who oppose it.
11. We have to stand up for our public schools and oppose those who seek to undermine them, she said.
12. Prosecutors have vowed to oppose bail and challenge the ruling.
13. Many public health experts oppose such a move.

[Antonyms]aid, abet, support

[Synonyms]combat, withstand, contradict
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