[Example Sentences]:
1. The operator went on to expand LTE to the most popular winter sports resorts by early 2012.
2. The name and age of the operator who was killed was not immediately available.
3. We have a very well known operator brand and service provider brand.
4. This would allow for the remote administration of a machine as if the operator was there.
5. The operator said demand for cloud services continued to be a driver for expansion.
6. An official with the port operator says it is the coast guard that should have been alerted.
7. This vulnerability could be used to make free calls and bypass operator billing.
8. The speed of the network rollout means the operator has to focus all its efforts on the project.
9. It would also have to be operated by a licensed drone operator a newly created certification.
10. He had worked there for eight years as a machine operator on the shop floor.
11. The coffee machine operator can view consumption patterns and the health of the equipment.
12. The identity of the owner or operator of the pipeline was not immediately available.
13. If things are going well, the operator can expand deployment to thousands of servers at a time.
14. The operator said the new offering is twice as fast as its existing LTE network.
15. This category with the operator channel is not as mature as it is with the retail channel.

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